As I am bound by NDAs,  I am not in a position to disclose details about my clients.
However, what I can tell you is, that the biggest company I successfully supported was a SIEMENS subsidiary in Germany with about 8,000 employees, which is now publicly owned. The smallest company I worked with had 10 employees. This clearly demonstrates my flexible mind-set and innovative approach to various organizational types and challenges.
For both companies I was instrumental in the implementation and execution of a certified Quality Management System. In total I supported 29 companies to achieve this goal.
For many of these and a lot of other clients I was conducting inhouse seminars, workshops and trainings as well as their employees joined my public courses. In addition a number of clients hired me as interim manager for several months in order to deploy their potential for improvement and implement effective measures.

Please let me know about your requirements and expectations in order to provide useful support.